Meet Lucy!

Lucy is our state of the art food truck which serves as our bakery, test kitchen, and restaurant. Thanks to our builder, Cruising Kitchens, we were able to customize her to our exact specifications and to our company’s ever-evolving needs.

Lucy might seem tiny but looks can be deceiving! Our owner, Megan Topham, specially designed Lucy for optimal cooking space, efficiency and sustainability. Lucy is capable of serving up to 200 people an hour with a full menu and has made everything from upscale small plates for the Mayors of Tarrant County to tacos and flatbreads for 1000’s of fans at festivals and food parks. No matter what the occasion…Lucy is always ready to roll!

Party with Lucy!

Lucy is always ready to roll and by booking our food truck for your special event, you can offer your guests a personalized menu without some of the drawbacks of traditional catering. We take care of all the food, utensils and serving so you and your guests can sit back and enjoy the party! To bring Lucy to your event or wedding, there are a few pesky little things to mention before getting started.

Minimums and Guarantees: 100 guests or $1,000 whichever is greater. Sometimes we can offer breaks for mid-week or off-season times, so always be sure and ask even if you don’t think you can meet the minimum.

Taxes: Sales tax, unless you are a non-profit or tax-exempt organization, is 8.25%.

Fuel Surcharge: If you are located more than 20 miles from 76103 we require a fuel surcharge to come to your area for private events. Depending on the distance our charge is between $50-$75.

Service Charge: We charge a 20% service charge for private catering events.

Public Events: If you are hosting a public event, please let us know the full details of your event including number of participants, cost to attend (or percentage of sales), permitting requirements, number of trucks, name of trucks attending, location, date and time.

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