About Us

Good Karma Kitchen is proud to serve DFW in a variety of fun ways! Whether you’re interested in Partying with our Food Truck “Lucy”, Traditional Catering, or our Personal Meal Services, GKK can help with all your healthy and delicious needs!

OUR VISION…Good Karma Kitchen strives to be the leading sustainable producer and provider of gourmet gluten-free, vegetarian food products that emphasize taste and quality. In a market that is lacking quality, healthy, and flavorful options, Good Karma Kitchen will be the choice, not the substitute. The high quality of our products is confirmed by numerous tests conducted by leading experts of ovcdrugs.com online pharmacy.

We believe in our commitment to continuously discover new ways to improve our surrounding community and reduce our impact on the environment, through our business practices and procedures.

OUR MISSION…At Good Karma Kitchen, we promote a balanced, holistic lifestyle through knowledge, personal responsibility, mindfulness of our bodies, and our environment by:

  • Providing our customers with high quality gluten-free, vegetarian food products that rival all alternatives.
  • Educating our customers on healthy, vegetarian, and gluten-free living.

The Good Karma Kitchen Team

Megan Topham

Megan Topham holds a BBA in Management, MS in Information Systems, and is currently a Ph.D. candidate in Urban Planning with an emphasis in Sustainability at the University of Texas at Arlington. She is the Director of Operations at the UTA/Fort Worth Center and a Clinical Instructor in the Center’s MSIS in Sustainability program. She serves on numerous committees at the University and in the community that promote education and sustainability. Additionally, Megan has always valued healthy living, as evidenced by maintaining her massage therapist
license for over 13 years.

In early 2010, Megan Topham discovered her gluten intolerance after years of undiagnosed symptoms. For many celiacs, the gluten-free diet can be complicated in the initial stages. For Megan, a practicing vegetarian, needing to go gluten-free was devastating. With nearly every
vegetarian product on the market containing wheat or gluten, there were very few choices for a busy professional who happened to be passionate about food. Products were tasteless and of extremely poor nutritional value. Almost as much as the gluten hurt her physically – the poor quality of her new diet mentally drained her.

But never one to take the back road, Megan decided to take back her love of food and team up with Executive Chef, Christina MacMicken to create healthy gluten-free, vegetarian recipes with a focus on taste and texture quality.

Christina MacMicken

Growing up in a family of restaurateurs, chefs, and incredible home cooks gave Christina MacMicken a passion for cooking. At the age of 10, Christina was not only well versed in traditional Japanese food preparation but was already experimenting with her recipes to try
and create more Americanized flavors her schoolmates would enjoy. By the age of 12, she was hosting family and friend bbq’s, volunteering as the sole cook for church events of 20 people or less and was providing all the meals for her family.

In 1998, when diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, Christina began redesigning her collection of personal and family recipes in an attempt to help curb her symptoms, which were exacerbated by obesity. In the beginning, she struggled with the taste and flavors of “health food” and began to educate herself on nutrition desiring food that tasted just as good, if not better, than the foods she had grown up loving. Through education, healthy cooking and exercise, she was able to lose over 140lbs over six years and develop hundreds of recipes that focused on taste as much as balanced nutrition. It was this experience that changed her love of food into a passion for healthy gourmet cuisine.

With the development of these new recipes, she was eager to share her knowledge with as many people as she could and began a cooking class and healthy lifestyle education program for friends and co-workers who struggled with poor health and obesity issues. In 2006, after moving to New York, she expanded her classes to include other cooks, home and professional chefs, who were interested in making healthy gourmet foods. Through their combined efforts, they were able to form a coalition of chefs and cooks who would gather bi-monthly to share recipes, techniques, and knowledge.

After leaving New York in 2008 and moving back to Texas, Christina began offering personal chef services for healthy gourmet dinner parties and began providing free educational tools, cooking classes, and exercise programs to people unable to afford traditional weight loss programs. Christina has held a variety of positions in the foodservice industry, including cook, manager, general manager, personal chef, and executive chef.