Watch out for GKK on Season 4 of Eat St.


  • Voted Number 2 Nationally as the Best Vegetarian Food Truck by Mobile Food News
  • Voted Number 2 in City Voter’s A-List DFW as best food truck

TV/Radio Shows/Magazines

  • Food Network’s Eat St. Season 4
  • WBAP Living Natural First
  • Gluten-Free Living Magazine


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Hear from our happy customers:

“Whether you want to eat healthy or organic or gluten-free or food that just plain tastes great, Good Karma Kitchen is the place to go. The food is delicious and healthy, and you won’t ever feel bloated. After hearing how eating healthy changed the life of Christina, chef, and co-owner, you’ll want to eat nothing BUT Good Karma Kitchen’s delicious meals all the time. Good thing they cater, teach classes and offer personal chef services. I wish I could pick a favorite: Korean tacos, Asian veggie soup, Chili, pizza, chocolate chip cookies, macaroons, and the fabulous basil lemonade…they’re all wonderful.

Ask The Chef!

Can the food truck come to my office?

Absolutely! Click here to learn more about bringing Good Karma to you!

How can I purchase your BBQ in bulk?

Many of our most popular items can be purchased in bulk from our food truck including our BBQ, Spicy Asian BBQ, Classic Salad and More! Click here to see what’s on the menu this week.

Do you bring your food truck to special events?

Lucy loves to travel and to visit with her fellow food trucks friends at special events!

I have several different allergies, can I place a special order and how do I know it’s safe?